Top Locations for Scuba Diving in Malta

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These top diving sites on the Maltese Islands will make your Malta diving holiday complete!


The Maltese Archipelago has been a sought-after destination for scuba divers coming from near and far. The clear Mediterranean waters and the rocky underwater scenery across Malta and Gozo provide a delightful setting for scuba diving. In fact, two of the locations in this list are considered to be among the best diving spots in Europe. Can you guess which ones? Dive right in into these top spots for diving in Malta!


With properties in Qawra, Sliema and Valletta, staying at any of our AX Hotels means that access to diving facilities is easy. Our AX Seashells Resort at Suncrest or AX Sunny Coast Resort & Spa are located right next to one of the top diving centres on the island, Waterworld.


Ghar Lapsi Cave

Ghar Lapsi cave is a rocky inlet located on the south coast of Malta, in the village of Siggiewi. The dive site is well-known for being a beautiful, shallow, 40-metre long cave system and one of the few spots where the sea can be accessed from the shore in the area. Sunlight floods the cave through the many cracks in the rock, making the location vibrant and ideal for underwater photography.

Ghar Lapsi, Malta

Wied Iz-Zurrieq (Blue Grotto)

Wied iz-Zurrieq (Zurrieq Valley) is another small village located on the southern coast of Malta, which is well-known for its Blue Grotto caves. The area offers a wide variety of dive spots, including the Um El Faroud wreck, East Reef and West Reef, caves, helmet statue and valley.

Blue Grotto, Malta


Cirkewwa is another location that is considered to be among the best dive spots in Europe. Located on the north-west coast of Malta, Cirkewwa has something to offer to divers of all skill levels. The area consists of a shallow area used for training, but the more advanced dives are a real treat for experienced divers. There are two deep wrecks, wonderful natural arches, a wall reef and many tunnels and caves to swim through here.

Cirkewwa, Malta


A prominent location for diving on the north-east coast of Malta is Qawra. The Qawra Point dive site is situated at the tip of a peninsula and consists of numerous areas that attract divers. These include Fra Ben Cave, which is a small, open-roofed cavern, and a North Reef and Arch, which can be accessed from the shore. Other areas such as the L–Cave, Qawra Reef and the Imperial Eagle Wreck, must be accessed via boat. Our AX Seashells Resort at Suncrest and AX Sunny Coast Resort & Spa are located right next to the sea, and just a few steps away from the hotels lies Waterworld, a professional diving facility!

Imperial Eagle Wreck, Malta


In Valletta, divers are often impressed by the shallow wreck dive known as HMS Maori. The wreck, once a WWII destroyer that sunk in 1942, is now half-buried in the sand and accessible from Valletta.

HMS Maori, Malta

If you’re looking for the ideal accommodation to complement your Malta diving holiday, book your stay at any of our AX Hotels in Sliema, Qawra or Valletta!


Photo Credits go to Viewing Malta & Malta Dives

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