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Top Diving Sites in Gozo

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Let’s dive right in to these beautiful underwater locations!

The Mediterranean island of Gozo, which forms part of the Maltese Archipelago, has been hailed as a mecca for scuba divers and underwater explorers. As an island where diverse sea life thrives, surrounded by natural seascapes and blessed with crystal waters – Gozo is the perfect place to go diving.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of the top-rated diving sites in Gozo:

Blue Hole, Gozo

By far the most popular diving location in Gozo, the Blue Hole is considered by many experienced divers to be the most beautiful dive of the Maltese Islands! Located in the small village of Dwejra, this dive site consists of a circular rock formation, acting as a sheltered pool through which divers can safely enter and exit. The Blue Hole’s walls are bright and full of diverse marine life, which is another reason for its popularity!

Dwejra, Gozo

Apart from the famous Blue Hole, Dwejra in Gozo boasts a number of other popular dive sites worth exploring in the area. So, if you’re visiting Malta’s sister island, why not dive into these other sites in Dwejra? The Dwejra Inland Sea tunnel, Azure Reef and the Coral Garden and Cave, are some of the more renowned dives in the area!

Diving at Dwejra GozoDiving at Dwejra, Gozo.
Wied-il-MielahWied-il-Mielah, Gozo.

Wied il-Mielah

The Wied il-Mielah Valley, located in Gharb on the north west of Gozo, is a natural megalithic archway found in the sea. The dive site is accessible by boat, and consists of a photogenic underwater cave with an air pocket. At the base of the arch lies a rocky ledge, which is home to an abundance of sea life, including shoals of barracuda.

Xlendi Reef & Tunnel

For many scuba divers, Xlendi Bay will be their first venture into an underwater cave site. The site is primarily sandy, with rocky cave walls containing colourful sea life, such as starfish and sponges, green and purple algae, octopodes and bristle worms. Sunlight penetrating the cave creates a stunning lighting effect, and the cave is also a popular destination for night dives!

Mgarr ix-Xini

A photographer’s go-to location for diving, the Mgarr ix-Xini dive site boasts plenty of underwater beauty. With a diverse presence of fish species, from flying gurnards, to stargazers, to picarel and seahorses, this is the ideal place to capture stunning sea life images.

Xlendi TunnelXlendi Tunnel. Photo Credits go to Dive Smart Gozo, Visit Gozo, Paradise Diving & Gozo Dive.

If you love diving, these top diving sites in Gozo will not disappoint.

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