7 Different Journeys. One Purpose.


AX Hotels has been a leader in the hospitality industry in Malta for the past 35 years and today, its Hotel Operations are run by a dedicated professional Hotel Management Company that forms part of AX Group.


We are one of the largest chain of hotels on the island, closing with 7 different products by the coming year, specialising in the 4 and 5-star segment.


One would naturally ask – But who are you exactly? The best way you could always describe us is – Behind this great brand are a bunch of ordinary people who love to do things in an extraordinary way.


We have one purpose. To be the leader in the hospitality industry in Malta and be the guests’ first and recurring choice. We’re here to provide you with an excellent quality #AXperience.

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Gift Vouchers

Be the best gift-giver and make your loved ones enjoy any of our 7 hotels or at any of our 12 distinctive restaurants. The options are endless.

Time to Give


AX Careers

Are you looking for a career change? Then look no further than a future with AX. All the jobs that fall under AX Group can be found here.


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