Hotels In Valletta

Hotels in the Heart of the City


Valletta is the capital city of Malta, it is a World Heritage site and many describe it as an open-air museum. This historical city is nothing short of a real-life first-hand taste of Baroque architecture, a monument donated by the Knights of St John almost five centuries ago. Throughout the years, Valletta has become a must-visit location that has welcomed many emperors, heads of state, artists and poets and is now home to the Maltese government headquarters and also parliament building.


Today Valletta is full of quaint cafés and wine bars making it one of Malta’s main local and tourist attraction, hosting among others, the majestic St John’s Co-Cathedral, the imposing bastions and a treasure of priceless paintings. It also provides a stunning snapshot of Malta’s Grand Harbour, often described as the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Experience the uniqueness of a hive of business activity during the day and entertainment during the night in a completely serene and tranquil environment.


Both the below accommodation offer a unique experience to guests. Situated in the heart of the city, you can participate in all that Valletta has to offer while staying in a luxurious setting.

AX The Saint John

AX The Saint John

A boutique accommodation that was once a merchant’s resident and shop has been elegantly converted to portray a redefined urban living. AX The Saint John provides an intriguing and unique setting for all guests.

Rosselli – AX Privilege

Rosselli – AX Privilege

A 5-star luxury hotel in the capital that will open its doors in 2019. If you’re looking for luxury in the city, there’s no better location than Rosselli - AX Privilege.


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