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Gift Vouchers

Did you ever wonder or worry if the person you bought a gift for, Actually Liked it?


We’re sure you have! Add value to your gifts this year and surprise your loved

ones with an AX Hotels Gift Voucher. Trust us – You cannot go wrong!


Gift Vouchers to Spend on Things You Love!

AX Hotels - 25 Euro Gift Voucher
AX Hotels - 50 Euro Gift Voucher
AX Hotels - 100 Euro Gift Voucher
AX Hotels - 200 Euro Gift Voucher

Make a Statement!


Surprise your loved one with a unique gift voucher that is not restricted to one outlet. Our Gift Vouchers can be redeemed at one of our 7 hotels, at any of our 15 distinctive restaurants, for a day by the pool, the Luzzu Lido or the Sunny Coast Leisure Club.


Add value to your special gift and let your dear ones spend on the things they love the most!


We’ve made gift-giving easy. Purchase your Gift Voucher today!

AX Hotels - Icon
AX Hotels - Icon
AX Hotels - Icon
AX Hotels - Icon

You Can Redeem Our Gift Vouchers at the Following Hotels & Outlets:

Our Gift Vouchers Have Won Your Heart…Now What?

The trickiest part about buying gift vouchers is deciding on the appropriate amount to gift your loved one. There’s no need to worry this year – here are our recommendations when purchasing your voucher with AX Hotels.

Our Recommendations:

Purchase a voucher starting from €50 for a meal for two at one of our outlets.
A gift that focuses on well being starting from €50 for a gym membership.
A day by the pool (indoor & outdoor) for your loved one starting from €25.
Organise a romantic weekend break by purchasing a gift voucher starting from €200.


For any queries, contact AX The Palace in Sliema on +356 2133 3444.

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