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Aside from the exquisite service and ultimate comfort that you can find at all of our AX Hotels, our exclusive AX Designer Collection is nothing like you’ve seen before. The Designer Collection is made up of five different categories including The Classical Collection, The Nautical Collection, The Corporate Collection, The Ethereal Collection and The Sensorium Collection. Each room, in all the different categories, offers a completely unique experience.

Get in touch with your senses or delve into historical details, our designer collection will leave you in awe. The collection provides the ideal ambience for honeymooners or for couples who want to get away for a few days. The perfect romantic surprise lies in our designer collection. Choose your favourite collection and book your affectionate gesture today.

23. Palazzo Capua 1

The Classical Collection

This collection has the ability to transport you back in time. Its incredible detail lies in its historical and classical feel that is reflected in the décor and ambience of the collection. The Classical Collection is made up of Prince Charles of Capua, Prince Francesco Suite, Selma Suite, Talgiaferro Suite and Penelope Suite.

The Nautical Collection

This collection is made up of an elegantly designed suite with an oceanographic theme. Dive into this maritime experience and relax and loosen up with a coastline view of the Mediterranean Sea. The Nautical Collection is fully equipped with an open living room space, a separate vibrant bedroom and deluxe bathrooms.

Presidential Suite Seashells Resort Qawra
Palazzo Merkanti Duplex Collection

The Corporate Collection

The Corporate Collection is made up of suites that are ideal for the business and executive traveller. Comfort and luxury are two terms that define this collection – it’s almost like doing business from home. This collection is made up of two finely detailed suites.

The Ethereal Collection

The Ethereal Collection is characterised by various elements including artistic boldness, soft textures, light atmospheres and serene floral designs. There is something for everyone’s tastes – breath in, exhale and take in the experience of a lifetime.

Executive Chamber Victoria Hotel Sliema
Fragrance Designer Suite The Palace Sliema

The Sensorium Collection

Apart from benefiting from luxury service and ambience, the Sensorium Collection is unique and special in its own way. You can almost taste the Flavours Suite while the Light Suite is the ideal way to relax and release tension.

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