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AX Privilege

The Privilege to Serve You is All Ours


AX Privilege is our elite classification within the AX Hotels chain, where our properties offer an all-designer room and suite collection that tells a story. These properties are brimming with handpicked and carefully placed furnishings to contribute to a unique experience.


Offering optimum hospitality and service, excellent quality in comfort and reliability that only our top, approved, dedicated staff can provide in sublimely aesthetic surroundings.


Our mission is not just about offering the best service, but using service to share our passion. Bringing the legendary service which has been lost in time back to life. More than a promise, our ardent hospitality is an influential value system that resonates with AX Privilege and is at the core of all roles carried out by every member of the team.


The service philosophy is experienced right from the moment we greet the guest into the hotel until the time they check-out.


It is our privilege to be at your service offering an exclusive ambiance of good taste, comfort and discrete efficiency where service materialises even before you think you need it.


AX Privilege – The privilege to serve you is all ours.

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