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Which Luxury Suite Suits Your Personality?

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More often than not, we tend to choose our holiday accommodation according to locality, ease, comfort and budget. What if we told you that, at AX The Palace, you can choose a hotel room that suits your personality?

AX The Palace, located in Sliema, is at the centre of it all. Sliema is the hub spot for culture, bars & restaurants, shopping, entertainment, and more. Together with VallettaSliema is one of the most touristic towns on the island which means that, by booking your stay with us, you’ll be in the heart of it all.

AX The Palace, a luxury 5 star hotel in Malta is your ultimate choice when it comes to an extravagant holiday. Surprise your loved one with a hotel room that they can see themselves in or treat yourself to something special and stay in the room of your dreams!

So, which AX Designer Collection from AX The Palace best fits your personality?

For the Perfectionists

If attention to detail is your strongest suit and your largest flaw, then the Texture Suite is your perfect choice. The soft finishing, the precise details and the gold and brown colour palette all signify elegance and sophistication.

You cannot be perfect all the time but our Texture Suite surely is!

The Flavours Suite at AX The PalaceThe Flavours Suite at 5 star AX The Palace.
Designer Suites with Private Terraces at AX The PalaceDesigner Suites with private terraces at AX The Palace in Sliema.

For the Boisterous

Do you love to have a good time? Are you described as the ‘fun’ one from your group of friends? Look no further than the Flavours Suite when booking your accommodation at one of the best luxury hotels in Malta.

The Flavours Suite is characterised by the pastel blues and lime colour palette which gives off a powerful yet lively statement. This suite is one of the only Coca-Cola branded rooms in the world. Enjoy a drink by the bar or on the bright red diner-style couches – we’re sure that you’ll have the best time.

For the Minimalists

Do you find beauty in simplicity? Do you live by the philosophy that less is more? The Light Suite at AX The Palace should be right up your alley. If you’re looking for a room that is a treat to all your senses, that is light on the eyes and that will allow you to capture great selfies – this suite is for you.

Surrounded by natural light and a soothing atmosphere, you’re bound to have a relaxing holiday and leave the suite feeling energised and fresh.

AX The Palace - Rooms - Fragrance SuiteThe Fragrance Suite, at AX The Palace Malta.

For the Admirers

If you’re looking for the suite with the best views, the View Suite is not only called as such for a show. Apart from the magnificent city views that you can see from your private balcony, the suite is equipped with its own telescope to admire your beautiful surroundings.

There are also a variety of mirrors that lead to the terrace so you will be able to see the city skyline from all possible angles. You’ll definitely appreciate your time here at the View Suite.

For the Sophisticated

Are you looking for an elegant, one-of-a-kind suite? The Fragrance Suite at this luxury hotel in Sliema is perfect for the sophisticated traveller. Embrace the feminine and masculine aromas and look at this suite through your sense of smell.

Dominated by French vintage decor and customised by traditional Maltese furniture, you’ll travel back in time when staying at the Fragrance Suite.

AX The Palace - Rooms - Light SuiteThe Light Suite, part of AX The Palace’s Designer Collection.

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