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Carnival in Malta is a great opportunity to let out your inner child, and let loose with laughter, dancing, music and colours. The main carnival hubs on the Maltese islands are Valletta in Malta and Nadur in the sister island of Gozo, and are characterised by vibrant floats, children – and sometimes adults – dressed in fancy costumes and overall celebrations and enjoyment. The feast is an integral part of Maltese folklore, and has existed since the arrival of the Knights of Saint John in 1530!


A youthful spirit in Malta’s capital

In Valletta, there are several diverting activities that one can engage in. Firstly, there is the procession of mechanised floats roaming the historical streets. These floats are centered on a variety of themes, including TV adverts, famous movies, celebrities, and other contemporary topics. Moreover, one can watch the charming dance groups from all around Malta perform in a special presentation with extravagant costumes, which takes place at Pjazza San Gorg. Underlying all this, there is the laughter of children and adults alike, and a general atmosphere of vivacity and elation which hangs in the air.


A bizarre alternative

The Gozitan counterpart to the Maltese carnival takes place in Nadur, and is more lurid and ludicrous, and often more grotesque. Due to this, it is more popular with adults and older youths, who flock to Nadur in a range of wild costumes, each one outshining the other. Masks are becoming increasingly popular with visitors of this carnival edition, and the costumes chosen often comment on contemporary local issues and international human emotions such as pain, fear, humour and tragedy. For the visitors of Gozo which are less adventurous, though, there is also a carnival celebration in Victoria, with floats and costumes much more similar to those in Valletta then the ones found in Nadur.


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