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All about Churches in Sliema

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Discover Malta’s religious heritage through these churches in Sliema.

The Maltese Islands are largely known and admired for their religious traditions, which are embedded deep within the nation’s culture. Sliema is the perfect place to begin exploring Malta’s Catholic roots, as the quaint, sea-side town is home to 4 unique parish churches.

Although Sliema is a rather urban and chic town, its skyline is characterised by the beautiful domes and steeples of its churches. When taking a walk around town, you can’t help but notice that the areas surrounding the churches are far more peaceful than the entertainment centres and swimming areas in Sliema. Don’t be afraid of taking a detour – all roads lead to the town core, where locals will be more than willing to give you directions!

Here are some of the churches you could visit during your stay in Sliema, whether you want to admire the architecture or attend a service – visitors are always welcome.

Jesus of Nazareth Parish Church

Located opposite the berthing area of the Sliema ferry, the Jesus of Nazareth parish church contains an indoor wealth of beauty, décor and religious artefacts. It was built by Marchese Ermolao Zimmermann Barbaro di San Giorgio, inaugurated in 1895 and made a parish church in 1973.

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parish Church

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parish Church in Sliema was built on the initiative of Fr. Paul Vella, between 1877–1881. Six months after its completion, it was handed over to the Maltese Province of the Friars Minor and has been a parish church since 1918. The church was built in a Roman style and is decorated with gilded sculptures and ornate paintings. Within the church, you will be able to see five paintings by the famous Maltese artist Giuseppe Calì.

Interior of St. Gregory the Great Church in SliemaInterior of St. Gregory the Great Church in Sliema.
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church in SliemaOur Lady of the Sacred Heart Church in Sliema.

St Gregory the Great Parish Church

The beauty of the St Gregory the Great Parish Church in Sliema lies in its simplicity. The sculptures, décor and titular statue add to the Romanesque style of the church, making it quite unique compared to other churches in the area! The first stone was laid by Mgr Maurus Caruana O.S.B. on the 20th August, 1923, and it became a parish on the 22nd December 1943.

Stella Maris (Our Lady Star of the Sea) Parish Church

Stella Maris is the oldest parish church in Sliema, which dates back to 1878. In fact, other parish churches in the area are modelled on the Stella Maris parish church. Throughout the years, the church was embellished with works of art, including a monumental painting of the Virgin of Stella Maris by Giuseppe Cali’ (1846 – 1930). If you’re interested in beautiful neoclassical architecture, this 19th century church will certainly suit your tastes!

Other churches in Sliema

If you’re interested in exploring Sliema’s religious heritage more deeply, you might want to visit the rest of the churches in the area. Pass by the Our Lady of Divine Grace church and Holy Family church, or attend mass in English at the Sacred Heart of Jesus (St Patrick’s) church. Besides these churches, you will find a number of chapels in Sliema, such as the ‘Jesus is My Rock’, St John Bosco Oratory and St Ignatius chapels.

Superior Room at 4-star AX The Victoria Hotel in Sliema MaltaSuperior Room at 4-star AX The Victoria Hotel in Sliema Malta. Photo credits go to Viewing Malta.

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