Things to do in Malta in December

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Join the festive spirit with these top things to do in Malta in December!


If you’re travelling to Malta in December, there’s no way of escaping Christmas. The island is known for its religious celebrations all throughout the year, and no less at Christmas time. Indeed, the streets come to life with Christmas lights, cribs and carollers. Indoors, families also decorate their houses with cribs surrounded by the traditional ‘gulbiena’ – light deprived vetches that grow tall as their search for light, much like a Christian metaphor.


So, as Christmas fills the streets, you can expect to find lots of cultural, religious and secular activities to join in the festive spirit. Here are the top things to do in December in Malta!


Visit Malta’s Churches

What better time of the year to visit the beautiful churches around the Maltese Islands than in December? Enter St John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta, where you will be able to see Caravaggio’s famous masterpiece, ‘The Beheading of St John’, as well as the religious decorations. There are several other famous churches in Malta, including the Mosta Dome where, during WWII, a bomb that fell through the ceiling of the rotunda did not explode, saving over 300 people from death, and the marvellous Ta’ Pinu in Gozo.

St Johns Co Cathedral

See the Traditional Maltese Cribs

During Christmas time, many people display their ‘Prespji’ (cribs) outside their homes. The traditional Maltese Crib is a recreation of the nativity scene, often using handmade figurines and varied depictions of the Maltese landscape. You’ll find cribs inside every church, at the entrance to Valletta, as well as buildings hosting crib exhibitions.

Maltese Christmas Cribs

Go to a Festive Performance

Throughout the festive season, there are a number of festivals and shows taking place. Notably, the Manoel Theatre in Valletta stages an annual pantomime that attracts crowds of all ages every year. There will also be the Malta International Christmas Choir festival happening between the 5th and 9th December, at different locations across the island.

Manoel Theatre, Malta

See the Cirque du Soleil in Malta

The Cirque du Soleil will be performing their new show ‘Vitori’ made exclusively for Malta. The show will take place at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta, between the 27th November and 20th December. The group has stunned audiences worldwide, and we are sure that they will continue to do so with the new performance!

Cirque du Soleil, Malta

Natalis Notabilis

The Natalis Notabilis Christmas Village is definitely one of the highlights of the Christmas season in Malta. Taking place from the 11th – 15th December in the town of Rabat, right outside Mdina, the event will include a Christmas market with over 100 stalls selling artisanal products and unique crafts, as well as traditional delicacies from Maltese and international stalls. The festive event will also include activities such as the ‘Nativity Trail’, a Gospel Choir concert and theatrical performances!

Natalis Notabilis, Rabat, Malta

Christmas at the Valletta Waterfront

The Valletta Waterfront takes on a magical Christmas feel throughout the month of December, with festive decorations, music, food and activities filling the area. There will be lots of free activities for children to enjoy, including live entertainment, balloon modelling, face painting and games.

Valletta Waterfront, Malta

Festive Dining

It wouldn’t be Christmas without great food. If you’re in Malta during December, you can spend the festive days at one of the great restaurants around the island. Try the Cheeky Monkey Gastropub for great drinks and a fun-loving crowd, or taste informal luxury at Grain in Valletta. You could also head to Qawra for great food at Luzzu, Tal-Kaptan or Coral Cove restaurant, or spend a day in Sliema and dine at Talk of Town café, The Tabloid, Copperfield’s, Penny Black Bar or TemptAsian, to name a few…

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Photo Credits go to Viewing Malta, Natalis Notabilis, Cirque du Soleil & Guide Me Malta

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