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The View Suite in Sliema allows you to grasp and understand better all the changes in the history of architectural features on the Maltese Islands.

This Suite is a sure eye-opener as it is equipped with a telescope and a wonderful variety of mirrors leading onto a semi-circular terrace that surrounds the suite, providing amongst the best of views from the hotel; the perfect place for you to see the city skyline from every angle.

Creamy and silvery hues make this room calm and peaceful complementing the wonderful views and serene outdoor space.


The View Suite is a cut above the rest because it is supplied with:

     Daily Supply of Water.
    Tea and coffee making facilities.
    Complimentary use of mini bar, replenished on a daily basis.
     Complimentary use of WIFI.
    Wall of Mirrors.

Nice to know…

 ◊ Has multiple balconies / Surrounded by terraces.


 ◊ Found on the 8th floor.


 ◊ This suite has the best views out of all the suites

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