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The Superior Rooms

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The Superior rooms in Sliema are designed for frequent travellers who like that little bit of extra comfort. Located on the higher floors, the Superior rooms are a sure delight enjoying panoramic views of this typical Mediterranean cityscape along with distant sea views.

Every room has a balcony with outdoor seating for that perfect relaxing pleasant evening we all look forward to. The overall décor is contemporary with a touch of glamour.

The monochrome earthy shades in the room deliver a classic feel while The Palace’s signature red fabrics give the room that pop of colour.


The Superior room is supplied with:

    Daily Supply of Water.
  Tea and coffee making facilities.
   Complimentary use of WIFI.

Useful info…

 ◊ All rooms have a balcony with distant sea views and outdoor seating.

 ◊ Found on the higher floors.

 ◊ Are larger than the Deluxe rooms.

 ◊ Eco friendly.

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