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Love light features? Here’s a room with your name written all over it. This room will invigorate you with its minimalistic style and uplifting atmosphere, sharpen all your senses and love of life, and prepare you for a fantastic holiday.

Strategically placed lights, glass surfaces and bright textiles shed an airy feeling with a touch of special lighting effects. A myriad of light reflections offer a sense of space and a feel of radiant beauty, all extending to the outdoor space and spectacular views.

If you’re a dreamer who loves a sound sleep in exquisite comfort and waking up to a light room feeling totally energised, this is surely a room designed for your tastes.


The Light Suite is a cut above the rest because it is supplied with:

     Daily Supply of Water.
    Tea and coffee making facilities.
   Complimentary use of mini bar, replenished on a daily basis.
   Complimentary use of WIFI.

Nice to know…

 ◊ Themed room with Light features and special lighting effects.


 ◊ With glass surfaces.


 ◊ Found on the 8th floor.


 ◊ Eco friendly.

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