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The Deluxe rooms in Sliema are designed for the flexible traveller. If you are a city enthusiast then these are the rooms that have been specifically designed to match your tastes, especially when you sit and admire the city views that will surely give you that holiday feeling.

All rooms boast a pleasant balcony with seating, providing views of the city from different angles. Although Sliema is a European town, the quaint flat limestone roofs and ornate baroque churches adorned with limestone carving, make this place one- of- a- kind, with a touch of history and a slower pace of life.

A small doze of life in one of these rooms and your feet will be itching to go out and explore the beautiful churches, shops and rocky coastline just a mere five minutes away from the hotel.


The Deluxe room is supplied with:

     Water on Arrival Only.
    Tea and coffee making facilities.
    Complimentary use of WIFI.

Useful info…

 ◊ All rooms have a street view balcony with outdoor seating.

 ◊ Found on the lower floors.

 ◊ Eco friendly.

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