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The Malta Spring Festival

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How to Savour Every Note of the Malta Spring Festival with AX Hotels.

In addition to its sun-drenched beaches, fantastic nightlife, and fascinating history and heritage, Malta is also home to some of the Mediterranean’s finest arts and culture festivals. Among its many highlights is the Malta Spring Festival, an annual event that’s been gracing the island since 2005.

Formerly known as the International Spring Orchestra Festival, this event invites world-class orchestras, musical ensembles, composers, and solo virtuosos to Maltese shores every year. The festival showcases thought-provoking and emotionally rich classical, chamber, and contemporary music, offering a unique celebration that transforms Valletta into an enchanting cultural haven at the turn of the season of renewal.

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What is the Malta Spring Festival?

Established in 2005 by artistic director Karl Fiorini, the Malta Spring Festival is a yearly ode to classical and contemporary music, renowned for its inventive programming and dedication to showcasing new orchestral and chamber works. The festival unfolds in various Valletta venues, including iconic sites like the Manoel Theatre, the Casino Maltese, and several historically important churches.

The idea behind the festival was inspired by the rich history of the Maltese islands. Due to its central location in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta was a melting pot of cultures where different nations met and fought for reign over the small island. This history inspired Fiorini to start the festival, as a celebration to local artistry and international musicians uniting in the name of exceptional music.

Contemporary Dance at the Malta Spring FestivalContemporary Dance at the Malta Spring Festival.
Recitals and Various Music PerformancesRecitals and Various Music Performances.

The Malta Spring Festival 2024 – What to expect

Taking place from the 2 – 13 April 2024, in the week after Easter, the 18th edition of the Malta Spring Festival promises to be another delightful celebration of music, dance, and performance.

The opening concert on April 2nd at St Paul’s Anglican Pro-Cathedral features the Purcell School Chamber Soloists, a dynamic ensemble of young musicians celebrating the collaboration between the Purcell School of Music and the festival, led by renowned violinist and conductor Dmitry Sitkovetsky.

On April 5th, at Teatru Manoel, pianist Rachel Gauci, a recent Master of Music graduate from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, will present her debut recital, praised for her rich warm tone and emotional expression. The following day, Ensemble Télémaque explores the deep musical heritage of the Mediterranean through contemporary compositions from Corsica, Sardinia, and Malta, followed by Luciano Berio’s acclaimed Folk Songs.

Contemporary dance takes the spotlight on April 11th at Casino Maltese, where choreographer Alba dal Collo presents a performance inspired by Petra Kelly’s transformative book, exploring themes of sustainability and peace. On April 12th, “Anecdotes of Maltese Early Jazz” at Teatru Manoel weaves together live music and film, sharing stories researched by Ġużè Camilleri, providing a unique blend of history and entertainment.

The festival concludes on April 13th with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Anne Marie Granau, offering a grand finale of well-known masterpieces from the mid-19th to the early 20th centuries, commemorating Giacomo Puccini’s centenary. Audiences can anticipate an enriching experience, from classical orchestral performances to contemporary dance and the exploration of Mediterranean musical traditions.

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