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RCI Recognition Award

Recognition | 0 min read

Recognition Award for the AX Sunny Coast

We’re excited to announce that AX Sunny Coast Resort & Spa has been recognised for the Resort Recognition Programme for 2022 by RCI. The programme highlights affiliated resorts that meet or exceed the program’s high standards by providing exceptional vacation experiences. AX Sunny Coast Resort & Spa’s efforts during the last year have been recognised, following the demonstration of ongoing commitment to providing quality and consumer satisfaction through performance, all measured through customer feedback.

AX Sunny Coast Resort & Spa has been committed to create a home away from home for every traveller that walked through our doors and through every challenge, we’ve attempted to respond timely, creatively and with courage. We look forward to further successes in 2022 and beyond!

Lido at AX Sunny CoastResort Recognition Programme for 2022 by RCI. Lido at 4-star AX Sunny Coast Resort and Spa, Qawra Malta.

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