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AX ODYCY Hotel Qawra awarded at the 2023 MASP Awards

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AX ODYCY Hotel Qawra wins Interior Architecture Award for Hospitality and Tourism Projects Award at the 2023 MASP Awards.

AX ODYCY Hotel, located in the coastal town of Qawra, is delighted to announce its prestigious win at the 2023 MASP Awards, organised by the Planning Authority. The 4-star destination concept has been awarded the Interior Architecture Award for Hospitality and Tourism Projects, a testament to its commitment to excellence in hospitality design.

The MASP Awards recognize excellence in the realm of architecture and design, celebrating innovation, creativity, and ingenuity. AX ODYCY Hotel stood out among a competitive field of contenders, impressing the esteemed jury with its outstanding interior architecture that seamlessly blends heritage with modernity to create a unique and immersive guest experience.

This project would not have been possible without BOX CONCEPT STUDIOS, together with designers Simon Abela and Sara Brincat who brought the AX Group’s vision to life. Box Concept Studio, renowned for its innovative approach to design, played a pivotal role in reimagining the interior spaces of AX ODYCY Hotel. With a keen understanding of the hotel’s heritage and the evolving needs of modern travellers, Box Concept Studio crafted a visionary design that preserves the hotel’s landmark identity while introducing contemporary elements that enhance the guest experience. With their creative flair and attention to detail, the various spaces within AX ODYCY Hotel are now offering guests tailored experiences.

Sidestreet Lounge at AX ODYCY QawraSidestreet Lounge Bar, Level 0.
Minoa at AX ODYCY QawraMinoa Mediterranean Fusion Restaurant, Level 11.

The Jury Citation praised AX ODYCY Hotel’s design for its meticulous approach to the renovation, stating: “This project is a lesson in the articulated use of interiors aimed at an authentic guest experience. The hotel renovation aimed to reinstate its landmark identity while adapting to modern hospitality needs, carried out through a well-thought-out transformation of complex large-scale spaces, which still managed to retain a constant flow and distinctiveness at the same time catering for different experiences under one roof.”

Denise Xuereb, Director of Construction & Development at AX Group commented on the win, stating, “As a Group, we are honoured to receive such a recognition. Collaborating with the team at Box Concept Studio together with designers Simon Abela and Sara Brincat, we aimed to create a space that not only meets, and exceeds, guest expectations, but also one that is simply beautiful, timeless and is a true sentiment of modern design and hospitality. It was important to create quality in volume, with ODYCY hosting 600 rooms and various outlets for guests to enjoy.”

Claire Zammit Xuereb, Director of Hospitality at AX Group, expressed her gratitude for the recognition, saying, “We are thrilled to receive this prestigious award for AX ODYCY Hotel. This achievement is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in hospitality design.”

“We designed the spaces in mind to allow guests to flow from one nook to another to experience different brands within the vastness that ODYCY offers, catering for the large volumes of people commuting from one area to another,” she continues. “Just like you would experience in an airport or a cruise liner, the overall look of the hotel speaks the same language as this concept, but the secluded spaces take on a character of their own as defined areas that contribute to the overall hospitality experience that offers different distinctive experiences within the same location. The hotel has been designed with great intent to capitalise on the 4-star superior market in volume, which is a unique stand in Malta today. We look forward to continuing the delivery of such standards in the hospitality industry.”

Situated in one of Malta’s most vibrant coastal destinations, AX ODYCY Hotel offers a harmonious blend of contemporary luxury and timeless elegance. From its meticulously designed interiors to its impeccable service, the hotel epitomizes the essence of modern hospitality.

Medusa at AX ODYCY QawraMedusa Sky Bar, Level 10.

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