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Aldo Aldini Reads Guests’ Minds

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The renowned mentalist put on a spectacular show at Rosselli AX Privilege

On Friday, 15th November, the Italian Mentalist Aldo Aldini provided an entertaining show for guests staying at Rosselli – AX Privilege in Valletta. Guests were seated in the lobby of Rosselli with a drink in hand, as Mr Aldini performed a number of impressive, even shocking, acts in front of his audience.

The first exercise saw Mr Aldini hand out two newspapers to the guests, asking them to choose one of them and tear up a random page. As the evening progressed, he attempted to guess three words on the chosen newspaper by asking the audience to mention unrelated words spontaneously. By the end of the night, Mr Aldini managed to guess all three words correctly, by gaining insight into the train of thought of his audience.

Italian Mentalist Aldo AldiniItalian Mentalist Aldo Aldini.
Also Aldini performing his tricks at Rosselli AX PrivilegeAldo Aldini performing his tricks at Rosselli AX Privilege.

Another exercise involved Mr Aldini asking one of the female guests to stand up and close her eyes, as he tapped on her shoulders and back. Each time he did so, the guest was asked to state on which area he tapped. After some time, he stopped tapping a specific area, instead gesturing to the audience on either side. To the crowd’s surprise, the woman continued to state on which area he was gesturing towards, without being able to see or feel anything. When the woman opened her eyes, she appeared confused and impressed by what had just occurred.

For the third part of his performance, Mr Aldini threw a squashed up piece of newspaper to the audience, without seeing where it lands. He asked the person who caught it to be part of the next act. The woman who caught the paper passed it to another man, who was then asked to mention random numbers between one and 100, until another woman asked him to stop. Once he did stop, he asked yet another woman to state a random word. Surprisingly, Mr Aldini proceeded to show the audience a paper that he had written on in the beginning of the show, which stated the exact order of events that had just happened, including the woman who would pass the newspaper to someone else and the exact numbers and words mentioned!

The guests were highly-engaged throughout the show, and at times things took a turn for the emotional. For example, Mr Aldini was able to feel one of the guest’s emotional attachment to her pendant, simply by holding it in the palm of his hand.

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