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AX Hotels 15% Featured

Save 15% for February and March Stays

Apart from offering direct support and no additional fees or charges, you can SAVE up to 15% by using the Promo Code: AXH15. We offer accommodation in three of the most prominent locations on the island; Sliema, Qawra and Valletta. From a 5 star luxury accommodation to self catering apartments, there’s something for everyone’s cost and budget.

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AX Hotels - Gay Friendly Malta

Is Malta a Gay Friendly Country?

Along the years, Malta has increased its awareness of gay rights, making it more and more a gay friendly country. This article tackles Malta’s common attitude towards the gay community and the top gay friendly hotels across the island.

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Valentine's Day at AXHotels

Spend Valentine’s Day with AX Hotels

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and what better way to say ‘I love you’ than by your choice of planning the day/evening. Make this day one to remember by celebrating with AX Hotels. Here are our current offers for February 14th 2020. Make sure to check back consistently for other offers.

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Christmas 2019

Music to Your Ears

This year, our Christmas celebrations at AX Hotels is defined by the universal theme of music. Whether it’s the jingles that we all know and love, a classic jazz tune or a contemporary melody, the sounds of Christmas are intertwined with our festive experiences. The music has the power to bring together families and share special occasions that make the Christmas season so important to us all!

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Rosselli - AX Privilege - underGrain Food

Refined Dining in the Heart of Valletta

Stepping into the luxurious Rosselli – AX Privilege, Valletta’s first 5-star hotel, is a treat to the senses. The eloquent interiors, the courteous greetings from the butlers, the soft touch of the velvet lined seats and the blissful aromas emanating from Grain Street come together to prepare you for a sensory experience, as you descend to your dining destination: underGrain.

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AX Hotels - Save 20%

Plan Your Sunny Holiday in Malta

Planning your holiday for 2020? We can assure you that you’re going to love Malta - especially if you’re looking for sunshine and sea with no storms or snow. Book with AX Hotels until the 31st March 2020 and you can benefit from 20% OFF your stay until October 2020.

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Green Mobility

Amongst First Hotels to be Awarded Green Mobility Label

AX Hotels are proud to announce that two of their properties – the 5-star AX The Palace and the 4-star AX The Victoria Hotel – are amongst the first hotels to be awarded the Green Mobility Label in Malta! This label marks an important milestone in AX Hotels’ ongoing journey towards increasing sustainability in the tourism industry and reducing the carbon footprint of hotels in Malta.

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