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AX Hotels - Cyber Month

Cyber Month Sale is Now On

Planning your holiday to Malta? You’re in luck! Here at AX Hotels, we have just launched our Cyber Month Sale and it can’t get any better. Throughout November, you can benefit from up to 20% when booking your stay at any one of our AX Hotels.

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Rosselli - AX Privilege - underGrain Food

Refined Dining in the Heart of Valletta

Stepping into the luxurious Rosselli – AX Privilege, Valletta’s first 5-star hotel, is a treat to the senses. The eloquent interiors, the courteous greetings from the butlers, the soft touch of the velvet lined seats and the blissful aromas emanating from Grain Street come together to prepare you for a sensory experience, as you descend to your dining destination: underGrain.

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Green Mobility

Amongst First Hotels to be Awarded Green Mobility Label

AX Hotels are proud to announce that two of their properties – the 5-star AX The Palace and the 4-star AX The Victoria Hotel – are amongst the first hotels to be awarded the Green Mobility Label in Malta! This label marks an important milestone in AX Hotels’ ongoing journey towards increasing sustainability in the tourism industry and reducing the carbon footprint of hotels in Malta.

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Why Booking Direct is Always Best

You can keep your worries at bay when you book direct with AX Hotels, because there really is no superior option. Here are the guaranteed reasons why booking direct with us is always best!

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Rosselli - AX Privilege - Official Opening

AX Hotels Welcomes 7th Property to Its Chain!

On Thursday, 12th September, 2019, AX Hotels inaugurated its 7th property, which is also the first one to fall under the AX Privilege category of hotels. Rosselli – AX Privilege is the only 5-star luxury hotel located inside the walls of Valletta, setting the tone to cater for a higher-end market within the tourism industry.

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AX The Palace - Fragrance Suite

A Luxurious 40% Off Your Stay!

Planning your luxury escape to Malta? Look no further than AX Hotels. Get 40% off your stay when booking at AX The Palace and AX Seashells Resort at Suncrest. Book your stay from November till March 2020 for a luxurious holiday.

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Free Malta Experience By Night!

You’ve booked your flight to Malta and now it’s time to book your accommodation. If you’re interested in a serviced self catering apartment with resort facilities or a boutique hotel in the heart of Valletta, AX Hotels has got the two perfect options for you, and with an added bonus!

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