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Qawra is a magical place, brimming with beaches, rocks, shops, café’s, bars and many restaurants. Locals just love exploring around and walking along its first-rate promenade especially in the early evenings.

Qawra can easily eat up a day without you even knowing, hence why it has now been recreated into a golden destination rather than just your average location. With so much to do in Qawra you’re bound to experience many first-time memories, whether you’re a new or repeat visitor.

It has become a sought after destination that has something for everyone, whether you’re a foodie, an avid shopper, a lounger, a beach goer, a music lover, an artist or perhaps a little of each.

Qawra has been completely recreated and changed into one of the most prominent zones in the north of the island, with a vast choice of different cuisines and alternate ambiences to choose from, for any mood or occasion that you might want to celebrate.

It is a one stop entertainment shop, you name it and Qawra has got it.

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