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What’s On? Malta Entertainment All Year Round!


The island is jam-packed with activities and entertainment for all ages and all preferences. Whether you’re looking for fun for all the family, cultural events, food to enjoy or specific festivals – there is no place like the Maltese Islands.


Valletta, Malta’s capital city, is brimming with restaurants, wine bars, jazz bars and pubs that can cater to all your tastes and desires. However, if you’re interested in the cultural side of entertainment, Valletta hosts one of the oldest and most magnificent theatres in Europe – the Manoel Theatre.


Sliema, another touristic town, is Malta’s main shopping village. A number of entertainment activities happen in this town such as pub events, romantic date nights, quiz nights, and it is also very close to St Julians, the town mostly known for nightlife.


During the summer months, you will be pleased to realise that there is something new happening, almost every day. Village feasts are on in full swing. You can appreciate the religious background of the islands while also enjoying street parties and tempting food from the food stalls.


Malta is known for its numerous festivals that happen on the island. If you’re a music fan, the Isle of MTV, Lost & Found Festival or the Glitch Festival might interest you. If you’re looking to discover Malta like a local, you’ll particularly enjoy festivals like the Strawberry Festival, Notte Bianca or the Malta International Fireworks Festival.


You can appreciate the island and its deep crystal seas by going on boat cruises and ferry rides across the islands. You can visit the sister island of Gozo and spend a weekend there. You can also take a ferry ride to the island of Comino and swim in the clear turquoise waters of the Blue Lagoon. There are also ample opportunities for diving and snorkelling across the islands to experience the underwater world and marine life.


There are various treks and trails that you can take around the Maltese Islands to explore the countryside. The best time to trek in Malta would be around springtime since the weather would be just the right temperature for the outdoors.


If you’re into technology, business and corporate events, you’ll definitely find something that will peak your interest in Malta. From annual business festivals to casual meet-ups between like-minded people, the island can attend to all your business needs. Attend your favourite event and get ready to enjoy the Mediterranean.

Entertainment in Malta – Here’s What You Can Do!

Malta may be a tiny island, but rest assured that it’s filled with amusement of every shape and form! Whether you want to completely relax and let go or engage in more dynamic activities, we’ve got you covered in this comprehensive list of means of entertainment found on the Maltese Islands.

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Top Things to do in Malta in March

weather is a nice balance between hot and cold, which makes for a wonderful day out sightseeing, attending an event, or even sunbathing! If you’re visiting one of our hotels and looking for things to do during your March stay, we’ve got your back with the following activities.

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Top Things to do in April in Malta

The weather is sunny and you can finally venture out with your favourite t-shirt, to attend one of the many events Malta holds in the month of April. Apart from this, there will be a lot of other activities not associated with religion, which will also occur in the month of April. Take a look at the below things to do in April in Malta.

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Spending Valentine’s Day in Malta

Celebrating St Valentine’s Day is not one-size-fits-all! But if you’re planning on whisking your partner away for the holiday, we know that the sunny island of Malta will impress your other half, whether they’re the romantic type or not. At the end of the day, it’s the quality time that you share that matters most.

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Celebrating Christmas in Malta

In the midst of all the joy and laughter, we sometimes forget the true meaning of Christmas. But if you’re in Malta this festive season, you won’t be able to miss the strong religious heritage that the islanders proudly carry with them throughout the holidays. From Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve to after-lunch Mass on Christmas Day – there’s no better way to celebrate the feast than by attending Church and enjoying a good meal, the things that are truly sacred!

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Travelling to Malta in Style

Shop, dine and stay in luxury in Sliema. It’s the middle of winter, but the sun shines high in the sky over Malta. Bright, fluffy clouds roll on by, as you sit and enjoy the warmth of your morning coffee, overlooking the old, winding roads of a modern city. Choose one of our hotels in Sliema and enjoy the contemporary life that Malta has to offer.

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Things to do in Malta in December

If you’re travelling to Malta in December, there’s no way of escaping Christmas. The island is known for its religious celebrations all throughout the year, and no less at Christmas time. Indeed, the streets come to life with Christmas lights, cribs and carollers. Indoors, families also decorate their houses with cribs surrounded by the traditional ‘gulbiena’ – light deprived vetches that grow tall as their search for light, much like a Christian metaphor.

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Valletta’s Crown Jewel: The Manoel Theatre

The Manoel Theatre is Valletta’s 288-year-old treasure trove of art, culture and history. Located on Old Theatre Street in the capital city of Malta, the building is the third oldest theatre in Europe. Its history is as rich as that of Valletta, and it has experienced several changes since its construction in 1731.

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Attend Malta’s DELTA Summit this October

The second edition of the DELTA Summit, the Maltese Government’s official blockchain and innovation event, is set to take place from the 2nd to 4th October 2019. This year’s summit will focus on the latest technological developments that are shaking up the industry, including Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IOT), eSports and game development.

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Celebrate Malta Pride Week 2019

Malta Pride 2019, organised by the island’s very own Allied Rainbow Communities (ARC), includes the Malta Pride Parade and numerous events taking place throughout the week. This year’s theme is ‘From Riots to Rainbows, 50 years since Stonewall’, and will consist of over 15 unique events spread over the course of 10 days. Pack your rainbow flag and join us in Malta on the 6th-15th September 2019 and book your stay at one of our AX Hotels!

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Top Malta Festivals You Should Not Miss

The Mediterranean lifestyle provides the ideal balance to transition between day and night, work and play, family and friends. Malta, is by no means, an exception. Although the island is small, activities are abundant and Malta festivals and eventful!

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The Top Summer Events in Malta

Summer is the most popular time of the year in Malta and Gozo. From days by the beach to popular festivals, summer events in Malta are difficult to resist. A rise in temperature is synonymous with a rise in events so make sure to visit the islands during this prime time!

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