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Waterworld Water Sports

About Waterworld Water Sports:

Waterworld offers a wide variety of water sports activities for any occasion, be it private or corporate. Fun is adventure and what better way to thrill your senses and pump up your adrenaline than doing leisurely Malta sports at sea? Power Boats, paragliding, water skiing, jetbike rides, wake boarding, windsurfing and scuba diving are all facilities offered at the Waterworld water sports lido, run by internationally qualified instructors.

For the more laidback, canoes, paddle boats and sausage rides are also available. Try out paragliding if you want shivers down your spine, row a canoe to discover the rocky coast or simply get the wind in your sail, the call is yours. If you are an energetic and adventurous person, come and share the fun with us, where the friendly crew will welcome you with a vibrant smile and will make your experience at Waterworld an unforgettable time in Malta…

The lido gives you the possibility to kick-start your day with Malta sports at sea challenging the elements of the sea until sunset, after which you can unwind and rest your muscles enjoying the blissful Maltese nights.

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Operating hours:

Open everyday from

9:00 till 18:00
Weather permitting
(Summer months only)

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