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Outdoor Pool & Luzzu Outdoor Pool

About the Seashells Sun & Surf Lido Pool:

Visiting guests have the pleasure of absorbing the fantastic views of Salina Bay for as long as they like as the outlet is open all throughout the day and the evening. The main pool is situated just opposite the Malta spa hotel with the deepest end measuring 1.90 metres and shallowest at 0.80 metres. The facilities also include sun beds, sun shades and an incorporated Whirlpool for total relaxation. Anyone wanting to swim in the sea, this is just a few metres away. Ideal for fun, relaxation and adventure both above and below the water, the Sun & Surf Beach Club lets you be as lazy or as lively as you want to be.

About the Luzzu Lido – Adults Only Pool:

Here’s the perfect pool for love birds and summer lovers. The Luzzu is adults only so it will literally let you slip into relaxation mode by providing you with a lovely sized pool in completely relaxing ambience. That’s right, no screaming, no shouting and no unnecessary splashing while you’re soaking up the sun. So if you’re looking to spend some quiet romantic time with your loved one, we also have you covered. We love kids too but we wanted to provide an option for everyone’s particular desire so we have segmented all our facilities to offer an option for any kind of need.

Learn more about the Seashells Sun & Surf Lido Pool:

» Feel free to ask for entrance fees

Learn more about the Luzzu Adults Only Outdoor Pool:

» Luzzu Lido entrance fees

Good to know:

Operating hours:

Sun & Surf Lido Pool
Open everyday from:
9:00 till 18:00

The Luzzu Lido Pool
Open everyday from:
9:00 till 18:00

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