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The Outdoor Pools

About The Outdoor Pools:

For those hot summer days you can go up and relax at the breath-taking outdoor pools set at The Palace on the 9th floor making it the highest point in Sliema where you can enjoy 360 degree views, or go up and relax at the breath-taking outdoor pool in Sliema set on the 8th floor of Victoria Hotel where you can enjoy panoramic views.

The place is a gem if you’re looking to sit back and unwind while enjoying the magnificent skyline of Sliema. Massage sessions are also possible in a very serene ambience, a brilliant setting for anyone looking to forget what a busy day looks like. You can also relax and unwind at the roof terrace Pool bar.

Learn more about the Outdoor Pool:

» food & drink menu

» summer breakfast menu

Operating hours:

Open everyday from
9:00 till 19:00
Summer season i.e. May to October (weather permitting)

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