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You’ve selected your destination, you booked your flights to Malta… but now it’s time to book your accommodation on the island. Avoid the hassle and book directly with AX Hotels when travelling to Malta.


Why Should You Book Direct?


Booking directly with your chosen accommodation is always the safest option for your travels. You can have aa direct channel to communicate with no hassle whatsoever and the best part is that there are no hidden expenses. On another note, you can benefit from other offers that can only be booked through the hotel website.


Why Should You Book Directly with AX Hotels?


Apart from offering direct support and no additional fees or charges, you can SAVE up to 15% by using the Promo Code: AXH15. We offer accommodation in three of the most prominent locations on the island; Sliema, Qawra and Valletta. From a 5 star luxury accommodation to self catering apartments, there’s something for everyone’s cost and budget.

Your 5 Star Hotel or 4 Star Hotel in Sliema


Three of our Malta hotels lie in the heart of Sliema, one of the most urban towns on the island. AX The Palace is a 5 star hotel that combines fashion, comfort and the chic elements of an urban lifestyle. AX The Victoria Hotel is a 4 star hotel with a 5 star service and you can expect nothing short from the best at this hotel. AX Palazzo Capua is a 200-year-old historical building that is ready to be the basis of your romantic getaway in Malta.

Book Direct at Our Inclusive Hotel or a Self Catering Apartment in Qawra


If you’re looking for a beach location for your winter holiday, then AX Seashells Resort at Suncrest is the right accommodation for you. Book directly with us at this all inclusive hotel and you’re bound to have a stress free holiday! Good weather is expected even in the colder months in Malta! If you prefer a self catering aparthotel, AX Sunny Coast Resort & Spa in Qawra is ideal for you. This self-catering apartment is different from the rest! Even though it’s a self catering apartment, this aparthotel is equipped with resort facilities and it is also serviced. You can have the best of both worlds.

Choose Our Urban Valletta Hotel or our 5-star Luxury Accommodation and Book Direct


Stay in the city at our boutique hotel in Malta and be close to all the events and activities that happen on the island. AX The Saint John is ideal if you want to be in close proximity to discover the island’s history and culture. Also located in the heart of Valletta, Rosselli – AX Privilege is ideal for the luxury traveller. Nothing short from the best is expected here.

Book Directly with us and Save 15% with our Promo Code: AXH15

No pre-payment required

We’re looking forward to having you stay with us again! #BookARoom with #AXHotels today!


Terms & Conditions applies to all our Hotels AX The Palace, AX The Victoria Hotel, AX Palazzo Capua, AX Seashells Resort at Suncrest, AX Sunny Coast Resort & Spa and AX The Saint John.

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