Acknowledging Women on Women’s Day

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Celebrating Women’s Day throughout all of AX Hotels


International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on the 8th of March. This date marks a focal point in the movement for women’s rights. In some countries this date is considered as an official holiday, but in other countries, even though this date is not a public holiday, it is widely observed nonetheless.


In Malta, International Women’s Day is generally celebrated by men giving flowers and/or small gifts to the most important women in their lives – a small token of appreciation for all their hard work!


At AX Hotels, there were a large amount of activities happening throughout the hotels. From a simple rose to commemorate the hard work women do in the properties, to a full-blown massage, each location had different activities to celebrate this day.


Celebrating Women’s Day at AX Hotels

To commemorate International Women’s Day, 3 employees Joseanne Tanti from AX Seashells Resort at Suncrest, Mulu Sendek from AX The Victoria Hotel, and Emilija Blazeska from AX The Saint John, were interviewed 4 questions each. We wanted to emphasise that these people, and all our employees, make a difference in each hotel that they form part of! They all noted that there is beauty in being a woman in the hospitality industry such as anticipating the guests needs before they even know about it. When asked about which woman inspires them, their answers varied from a famous person, to a family member and even a work colleague!

AX Hotels Sliema

The HR Team of AX The Palace and AX The Victoria Hotel, teamed up with a well-known masseuse and turned one of the event halls at AX The Victoria Hotel, in a pampering and relaxation area. Each woman was treated to a 15 minute pampering session to help them relax and kick off their weekend in style!

AX Hotels Qawra

The HR Team of AX Seashells Resort at Suncrest, celebrated Women’s Day in a differently. Coffee and pastries were served to all the women that form part of the Seashells team. Apart from this, a complimentary gift bag, containing a gift voucher to use at Carisma’s luxury spa facilities and some product samples.


On the other hand, the HR Team of AX Sunny Coast Resort & Spa celebrated women’s day by presenting it’s women employees a voucher for a blow dry at Soul Solutions Holistic spa, which is located at Sunny Coast Leisure Club.

AX Hotels Valletta

At AX The Saint John, International Women’s Day was celebrated, with women employees getting a complimentary gift bag full of goodies and product samples. The team at AX The Saint John, also greeted female guests with a rose, commemorating the importance of this date.

AX Hotels - Women's Day Valletta

The team behind AX Hotels, always strives for gender equality. We #InspireWomen to work in the hospitality industry.

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