Happy Birthday, Valletta!

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Valletta, our beloved capital city is 452 years old today


On this day, 28th March 1566, Grand Master Jean Parisot de la Valette laid the foundation stone of what was, back then, only known as the peninsula Sceberras Hill, full of shrubs and vegetation.


The uprising of this building was essential for Malta at the time to defend itself from attacks that were being made from the sea. In 1565, a year earlier, Malta had survived the assault from the Turkish Army, in what became known as the Great Siege. Malta needed a fortified city to defend itself further and that is how Valletta was born. The requirements for this fortification were that the Maltese population needed bastions to take shelter while also something to keep the foreign invaders away from their land.


Unfortunately, since the Second World War, Valletta’s needs were neglected. However, throughout these recent years, our capital city is being revived to its rightful blooming state. The streets are now buzzing with events and activities across the capital, especially this year since Valletta is the European Capital City of Culture.


History and architecture are reflected in a number of striking buildings such as the St John’s Co-Cathedral, the Auberges, the President’s Palace, Parliament, museums and many other monuments. Valletta is also known for its steps and wooden balconies. Be prepared to walk and explore if you’re visiting Valletta. That’s the best way to dig into the city’s hidden gems. Valletta is also home to a number of wine bars and restaurants in which you can catch up with friends and family in a relaxed environment.


It’s safe to say that our capital city has taken on a new and improved light – and so it deserves!


Congratulations, dear Valletta! Here’s to many more years complete with history, culture, entertainment and love for our country.


Photo credits go to Viewing Malta

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