Why Team Building Events are Important in The Workplace

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These tips were brought to you by Mr Karl Abela – Events Sales Manager at AX Seashells Resort at Suncrest/Luzzu Complex


Similar to the way manufacturing companies synchronise belts and machines to work harmoniously together, companies and groups that depend on human workforce have to work in a congruous way. Unlike technology, humans can be a bit more delicate to handle!


It is human nature that people are born to be different from each other, each with their unique character and different capabilities. Humans do not come with performance settings or instruction manuals – but instead with ever-changing characteristics depending on a mix of their work environment, colleagues, private life situations and general motivation.


This means, that when it comes to building your team in the workplace, you need to continuously discover your team. This is where team building activities come in.


According to Mr Abela, ‘a fun, zero-pressure environment is crucial in bringing out the real character of a person. The Luzzu Complex presents companies with the opportunity of holding such events with a beautiful backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea which, in essence, is the perfect natural remedy to diffuse tension’.


Before organising a team building event, you need to do some homework. ‘In a football team, the coach profiles his players to best use their strengths in different areas on the pitch, whether defensive, offensive, playmaking, or team leadership to execute the game strategy. Together with Outdoor Living Malta, we can also bring out the different personalities so that you can place each player on the right team at the right time for better results’, claims Mr Abela.

The Luzzu Complex provides a modern indoor conference space that is accompanied with a pool area by the sea which is perfect for outdoor games as well pool games and water sports. The complex is indeed perfect for an exciting day out, starting with early afternoon seminars, followed by late afternoon games (in summer), and closed off with a summer BBQ & Dance evening.


Are you looking for the perfect venue for your event? Organise your team building event today with Luzzu Complex.

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