How to Be a Successful Manager

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These tips were brought to you by Mr Kevin Callus – General Manager at AX The Victoria Hotel & AX The Palace


Being a successful manager is not an easy task. It’s a combination of effort, understanding your role, taking care of your team and a lot of practice. Whether it’s your first managerial role or you’re looking for some guidance, here are our tips and tricks for becoming a better manager.


Stay close to your people – Challenge your people to make sure that they are giving their expected output. However, a successful manager needs to stay grounded and understand his people. Listen to your team and understand when they are going through a hard time. Mr Callus claims that ‘I enjoy working with an open-door policy because it gives me the pulse of what is happening and I will be able to provide the appropriate guidance. My motto is to be firm, fair but friendly’.


Communicate your decisions – When taking a decision that will affect more than just yourself, it’s important to share the thinking and reasoning behind this tough decision. Don’t take decisions from the hip but evaluate and discuss.


Keep up with the trends of the industry – Being a successful manager means following the trends and questioning your current results. You need to read the figures and challenge current practices which call for improvement. Stay open to new ideas.

Thinking about Success

Motivate and recognise hard work – Recognising hard work is important in the workplace. Besides being motivational to the hard workers, it might also act as an inspiration to underachievers or employees who are simply doing their job. Rewarding high flyers will create challenges and inspire motivation.


Make sure that the workplace is enjoyable – There is obviously going to be pressure in every work environment. However, make sure that this is counterbalanced by a light and friendly atmosphere. Treat each other like family and make sure that your approach is balanced. You can motivate your team by activities, outside and on the place of work.


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