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It’s the most wonderful time of the year and, here at AX Hotels, we’re going full blast with the Christmas spirit. Our theme this year is ‘Kiss. Let the Magic Begin’. Inspired by the mistletoe tradition, we want to create a sense of love, joy and romance this festive season. And we believe we can do just that by inviting our guests to kiss under the mistletoe.


During the rest of the year, the mistletoe plant is a parasitic plant that sticks on to trees and feeds off of them. However, during the Christmas period, the mistletoe is transformed into a symbol of romance. So where did the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe come from? Its association with love dates back to the ancient Norse mythology. By the 18th century, kissing under the mistletoe became common among British servants, and the tradition started to spread from there. It was also considered bad luck to refuse a kiss under the mistletoe.

AX Hotels - Christmas/New Years Events

We believe that by kissing under our mistletoe, that is going to be located at every one of our AX Hotels, it will bring you good luck, joy and happiness. Whether it’s a romantic embrace or a peck between friends, all kisses count!


Our hotels are ready to host you this Christmas. Whether you choose our Sliema, Qawra or Valletta properties, you’re bound to get into the Christmas spirit. From staff parties, festive menus, Christmas décor and a selection of gifts to give to your loved ones – you can find it all at AX Hotels.


Celebrate Christmas with us and you’re bound to get the full festive experience in Malta.


Book your stay at any one of our AX Hotels and make your kiss a memorable one with our festive celebrations!

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