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Make the Most of This Destination by Exploring These Malta Tours and Excursions


Are you looking for the best Malta tours and excursions that you can look into while you’re on your holiday on the Maltese Islands? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Malta may be a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, but it is brimful with sightseeing opportunities, majestic views and some of the best places to visit in Malta.


The best thing about being a small island is that you can get from point A to B without having to sacrifice a lot of your time due to distance. It’s highly possible to base yourself in one place and travel from one destination to the next since everything is within reach. You could book your stay at one of our AX Hotels and still enjoy all the many Malta day trips that the island has to offer.


Here are some of the main Malta tours and excursions that you can engage in when you’re visiting the islands.


Malta Day Trips

Exploring Malta through a day trip or an excursion is one way you can spend your time on the island. Apart from the many Malta walking tours in which you can discover the island by foot, you can also choose to be a little more comfortable and book a tour with our Prestige cab drivers. Our knowledgeable drivers are able to take you around your desired locations and talk you through the tour. Half/Day trips offered by Prestige include 3 Cities Tour Malta, Mdina tour in the Medieval Times tour, a Gozo tour, a North of Malta tour, and more.


Photography Tours

Visit Malta and experience it with a difference. Take memories with you back home as a physical reminder of the fun you had on your holiday. uPhoto can offer the ultimate photography holiday. Whether you’re a beginner or a photography enthusiast, uPhoto knows all the top locations where you can capture the best pictures. From a Game of Thrones tour in Malta to an early morning tour to capture the sunset, there are a variety of tours available to make your Malta sightseeing holiday complete.


Malta Boat Tours

An island that is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea is bound to offer fantastic boat tours. The most popular tours feature the Blue Lagoon. Located in Comino, Blue Lagoon is a popular tourist destination, especially for its crystal turquoise waters. However, there are other boat trips available including ones that let you explore the Blue Grotto, the Grand Harbour and you can even take a fishing trip to experience Malta’s culture to the max!


Take a look at the below tours. You are bound to find a tour that will suit your liking and help you explore Malta to the fullest!

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