Top Things to do in Malta in March

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Visit a village feast, go to the theatre or join the fun on St Patrick’s Day – the month of March is eventful on the Maltese Islands


March is an ideal time to visit Malta. Spring starts near the end of it, and the weather is a nice balance between hot and cold, which makes for a wonderful day out sightseeing, attending an event, or even sunbathing! If you’re visiting one of our hotels and looking for things to do during your March stay, we’ve got your back with the following activities.


Mingle with the locals at the Village Feast

Even though the majority of Maltese village feasts occur in summer, there are three celebrations which happen in March. On the 8th there is the feast of St. Gregory the Great in Kercem, Gozo, on the 13th there is the remembrance of Jesus of Nazareth, in Sliema, and on the 19th one can celebrate St. Joseph at Rabat, which is also a national public holiday. The village feasts are religious celebrations, where a particular town or village honours their patron saint. These feasts offer a lively and colourful atmosphere, bright fireworks go off overhead, there are processions with patron saints’ statues, the local band plays marching tunes, and you can buy local sweets such as ‘penit’ and ‘imqaret’ from the food stalls which are set up in the streets.

Village Feast

Run a marathon

If you’re visiting Malta in March, it might be the perfect opportunity to get your fitness on! The GIG Malta Marathon 2020 will take place on the first of March, and will give you the chance to not only get into shape, but also see different parts of Malta as you’re running! What’s more, you can choose from three different lengths of marathons, according to your ability; the full marathon, the half marathon and the walkathon. The full marathon is the most challenging of the three, and is 42 kilometres in length. The half marathon is 21 kilometers in length, and the walkathon follows the same route as the half marathon but is taken at a more leisurely pace.

GIG Malta Marathon

Spend a Night at the Theatre

We’ve also got the theatre lovers covered! There are a couple of shows happening in March in Malta, such as Otello, The Addams Family, and the Maltese Islands Festival. Otello will be held at the prestigious Manoel Theatre in Valletta, between the 1st and the 7th of March, and is based on the Shakespearian play of the same name. The Addams Family will be performed at the Mediterranean Conference Centre on the 7th and 8th of March, which will include a live orchestra and an exceptional original score, and is a renowned musical comedy. The Maltese Islands Festival, on the other hand, is a highly successful performance of drama, dance, singing and music, and will be held at Spazzju Kreattiv in Valletta, from the 4th to the 8th of March.

Manoel Theatre, Malta

Dine and Dance

If you’re looking to watch a show while combining it with some traditional food, Ta’ Marija Folklore Dinner Show is the place for you. The event is a celebration of Maltese culture, and will take place on the 6th of March. There will be a 4-course traditional dinner, flowing quality local wine, water and coffee, and you can choose between an A La Carte Menu, and an All Inclusive Maltese Feast Menu, the latter of which also includes transport to and from your accommodation. While you’re enjoying your sumptuous meal, you will be reveling in a jolly story of Maltese history told through dance, and after the show the dance floor remains open so that you can show off your best dance moves!

Ta Marija Restaurant

Have a Magical Evening

This mysterious show will take place on the 4th of March at the village of Qormi, and will guarantee you an amazing night out while you’re in Malta, which will combine entertainment, wizardry, wonder and wine. The evening will be defined by amazing acts that defy explanations, and includes an after-dinner show of traditional Maltese cuisine and free-flowing wine. The theatre also provides you with a perfect view, whichever seat you are sitting on.

Chamber of Mysteries

Experience the Luck of the Irish

St. Patrick’s Day has become a big occasion on our islands in recent years, and people from all over flock the streets for a pint of beer or two, wearing their most vibrant green clothes. It falls on March 17th, and celebrates its namesake, St. Patrick, an Irish Christian missionary, and his death. Most of the activity is gathered at Spinola Bay in St. Julians, and in the heart of Paceville, Malta’s partying hub, and some of the bars with the most Irish spirit are Ryan’s Pub and Tigullio in Paceville and Fat Harry’s in Bugibba.

St. Patrick's Day

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Photo Credits go to Visit Malta, Guide Me Malta, Chamber of Mysteries, Bay.com.mt & GIG Malta Marathon

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