Top Things to do in April in Malta

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An abundance of activities await during the Spring Month


The weather is sunny and you can finally venture out with your favourite t-shirt, to attend one of the many events Malta holds in the month of April. In this month, the Holy Week and Easter also take place, which means that there will be plenty of processions, exhibitions and performances going on. Apart from this, there will be a lot of other activities not associated with religion, which will also occur in the month of April. Take a look at the below things to do in April in Malta.


Go Church-hopping during The Holy Week

Holy Week in Malta will span between the 5th and the 11th of April, and will hold a number of celebrations. The Holy Week is principally religious, and takes place in or around churches to remember the passion, death and resurrection of Christ. The week starts on the Friday preceding Good Friday, which celebrates the day of Our Lady of Sorrows, and a statue of this figure is carried through the streets in many towns and villages. The Thursday after, called Maundy Thursday, is the day where locals pay visits to seven different churches to pray. If you’re not religious yourself, you can take this opportunity to visit several open churches during the evening, which are beautifully decorated with flowers and candles. Good Friday follows Maundy Thursday, and late in the afternoon many villages celebrate the passion of the Christ with a procession of statues, each depicting a stage from Christ’s final moments, where you will also find people dressed as biblical characters in between one statue and another. Then on Sunday, Easter is celebrated, and statues of the Risen Christ march through the streets to the sound of cheerful tunes. The atmosphere is vivacious, ensuring a good morning out, and you can always buy the traditional ‘figolla’, a Maltese Easter sweet.

Maundy Thursday

Taste some Sweet Strawberries

The charming village square in the rural town of Imgarr, which is surrounded by lavish green valleys hosts an annual Strawberry Festival, which will take place on Sunday 19th April. The festival is a collaboration between the local council and the local agricultural community, and sells a myriad of freshly picked strawberries, and other products made from this same fruit, such as smoothies, jam, milk-shakes, gateaux and cakes. Additionally, local folk groups are present in the streets to entertain the visitors.

Strawberry Festival

View some Eye-popping Fireworks at the Malta International Fireworks Festival

Fireworks are an integral part of Maltese culture, as they take center stage at the local village feasts. Apart from at feasts, however, you can also see these splendid fireworks at the 19th edition of the Malta International Fireworks Festival, which will be taking place between Saturday 18th and Thursday 30th April. Apart from a large amount of Maltese talent, the festival also sees international participants arriving on our shores, from countries like Italy and Australia, in what promises to be a dazzling spectacle.

Malta Fireworks Festival

Cycle your way through Malta

The Tour ta’ Malta, or, as otherwise dubbed, the Tour of Friendship, is perhaps the friendliest road race in Europe, and is a four-stage road bike race around Malta. The aim of the race is neither to promote professional racing nor win money, but to advocate love for cycling and connect cyclists from all over the world. The race will run from the 2nd to the 5th of April, so get your fitness on and join us!

Tour ta Malta

Spend a Night at the Theatre

Whether you’re into the sedate strumming of the violin, or you prefer music with a story tied to it, we’ve got you covered! The festival ‘Strings in Spring’ is a take on Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7, which Wagner described as the “apotheosis of dance”. The event is taking place at the illustrious Manoel Theatre, is organised by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, and will take place on the 3rd of April. The symphony is described as having an innate feeling present throughout, which will reach its peak in the dynamic finale. If you’re in the mood for a vibrant musical, on the other hand, ‘Matilda’ is the show for you. Based on the classical Roald Dahl book, the production will be staged at the Mediterranean Conference Centre between the 17th and the 26th of April. The musical tells the story of an exceptional young girl who has a vivid imagination and a bright mind, and manages to use these tools to fight against the waves of opposition in her life.

Manoel Theatre, Malta

Become One with the Locals at the Village Feast

April hosts a particular feast which is said to officially herald in the feast season on the Maltese islands; the Feast of St Publius which is celebrated annually in Floriana. The main feast days will take place between the 28th and 30th of April. The festivities last a whole week, and each day sees a new type of ceremony being presented. The celebrations start on the Sunday prior to the day of the feast, when the tradition of taking the statue of the patron saint out of its niche is enacted. The following day, the ‘Children’s Feast’ takes place, where children parade through the streets of Floriana, carrying a mini statue and accompanied by a small-scale band. Then, from Wednesday till Friday, you can find a musical service at mass, and on the latter two days there will also be band marches in the beautifully decorated streets outside. Saturday is the eve of the feast, which sees a solemn procession with the relic of St. Publius and band marches. Apart from this, there will also be a vocal and band concert by the Vilhena Philharmonic Band in front of the church, with the evening finishing off with some spectacular firework. When the main day of the feast arrives, visitors can expect the day to start with a Pontifical High Mass, followed by a traditional band march, as confetti is thrown from balconies. The climax of the feast is reached when the procession with the statue exists the church to the sound of fireworks being let off and church bells peeling.

St. Publius Feast

Browse through some Magnificent Cars

We’ve got something for the car lovers as well! The Classic Fiat 500 Raduno Malta is back for its second edition, and is going to be held at Valletta on Sunday 26th April between 8:30hrs and 12:30hrs. The programme will kick off with registrations, and will be followed by car shows and some games. Afterwards, the presentations will take place, and at noon, there will be a saluting battery.

Classic Fiat Raduno

Dance the night away at AMP Lost & Found Festival

The AMP Lost & Found Festival, which will take place between the 30th of April and the 3rd of May, turns Malta into a sun-kissed electronic heaven each year, and kick-starts the summer festival season. The event includes both day and night parties, each diverse and distinct. By night, one can find the opening party, which takes place at the Café del Mar terrace, and usually features some of the biggest names in the line-up. The Night-Time Festival Arena, then, is the main event, hosts three open stages and one incredible indoor club, and promises to include surprises. On the other hand, the festivities by day range from a pool party at Café del Mar and a rave in a Maltese castle, to boat parties and a secret villa party, the latter of which is not ticketed, but won through competition. Some of the biggest names in the line-up include Annie Mac, Camelphat, Michael Bibi, Denis Sulta, and many more!

AMP Lost and Found

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Photo Credits go to Visit Malta, iNews Malta, Lost and Found Festival & The Strawberry Festival

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