Malta Beaches

Popular Malta Beaches and Bays


Being that Malta is an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, it is bound to be surrounded by breathtaking beaches. Even though the prime time for swimming lies in the spring and summer seasons, you can enjoy Malta beaches all year round. During the sunny winter days, picnics by the beach are a breath of fresh air and most beaches even have a hiking trail around them which can take you to magnificent views.


However, there’s no denying it – summer is made for swimming! On this tiny island, you will be surprised that there are beaches for everyone and everything, whether you’re looking for simply sunbathing or for snorkelling and diving. Take your pick – from rocky beaches, to sandy ones, inland seas and even ones with golden sand!


Some of Malta’s most popular swimming spots lie in the North of Malta. Mellieha Bay, also known as l-Ghadira, is common with the locals, especially families since it’s a large area in which kids can have fun swimming and building sand castles. Close to Ghadira, Golden Bay and Riviera Bay are two jaw-dropping sandy beaches that are also a must-visit. Gnejna Bay, Paradise Bay and l-Armier are amongst the other bays that you can find in the North of the island.


Marsaxlokk and Delimara are home to two main beaches that have increased popularity throughout the years. St Peter’s Pool and Kalanka Bay are rocky beaches in the South of Malta in which you can enjoy sunbathing (make sure to pack SPF with you for your Malta trip!).


One cannot forget Malta’s sister island of Gozo. Gozo is packed with wonderful bays and swimming spots. The most popular beaches include Ramla l-Hamra, famous for its yellow and red sand, San Blas Bay, Hondoq ir-Rummien and Dwerja Bay, amongst others. Do not miss a ferry trip to Comino’s Blue Lagoon where you can swim in turquoise, azure water.

Dive into these Man-made Malta Beaches

Although locals were initially sceptical about the idea of a man-made bay, they soon came to appreciate the additional sunbathing space on the beach. These man-made Malta beaches have now become popular swim spots for both locals and foreigners!

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Ranked Second in Europe for Best Beaches in Malta

Not only has Malta got the best-looking beaches but 86 out of 87 beaches were given the top ‘excellent’ ranking in a recent report issued by the European Environment Agency report. The one beach that did not rank as excellent, ranked one level below and is still above the minimum quality requirements.

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