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Malta – Your Next Destination!


Located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, you will find the beautiful Maltese Islands, ready for you to explore and discover. Malta is rich in culture, history, archaeology and prehistoric treasures. However, it is also abundant in entertainment facilities, attractions and amusing events.


So, where is Malta? It is 93km from the South of Sicily in Italy and around 300km North from the North African Coast. The Maltese Islands are made up of three small islands, namely Malta (the main and biggest island), Gozo and Comino. The islands are located in a strategic location, in the heart of Europe, forming part of the EU and the Schengen Area.


The official languages of the country are Maltese and English and the currency used is the Euro. The size of its population is around 400,000 people while, geographically, it is around 316 square kilometers. The leading religion in Malta is Roman Catholicism.


The capital city is Valletta, the European Capital of Culture for 2018. Although it is one of the smallest capitals in Europe, it is also one of the most historical. Valletta was built in 1566 by the Knights of Malta. Surrounded by Baroque buildings and architecture, the capital is one of the top things to do in Malta.


Apart from Malta’s mesmerising history and culture, its gorgeous weather is something to look forward to, especially if you’re visiting from colder countries. The country benefits from long, hot summers and brief, mild winters. Malta has approximately 3,000 hours of sunshine every year and the temperature in winter rarely ever goes below zero.


Apart from the main island of Malta, the sister island of Gozo is also popular for its idyllic and peaceful greenery, offering breathtaking views of the islands. Gozo is known for outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, snorkelling, biking and rock climbing. Comino is popular for one of Malta’s most beautiful bays, the Blue Lagoon. The island is inhabited by only a few people but, during the summer, the bay is brimful with locals and foreigners alike.


No matter which season you visit the Maltese Islands, you can experience the historical culture, traditional and entertaining events and the beautiful beaches and attractions. Your Malta #AXperience will surely be extraordinary!

Malta Tours and Excursions

Malta Tours and Excursions

Even though Malta is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea, there are a number of tours and excursions that can help you discover the island better. From day trips to photography tours, here are the best Malta excursions to take while you’re on holiday.

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Feast and Fireworks


You will never get bored on the island! Activities and entertainment for all ages and all preferences are always in full swing. Fun times for all the family, cultural activities, food festivals – you can have it all! Explore Malta’s entertainment here!

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Inquisitor's Palace


Discover endless years of history by visiting the various museums in Malta. Learn about how the Maltese Islands came to be. Our history is worth exploring. Here are the top museums on the island.

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Blue Lagoon Beach


Malta is surrounded by breathtaking beaches and bays. You can enjoy Malta beaches all year round. From picnics by the beach, trail hikes, sunbathing or swimming in our clear waters, here are the most popular bays and beaches on the island.

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St. Johns Co Cathedral


Malta is not short of attractions and places of interest to visit while you’re on holiday. Apart from discovering the culture, witnessing magnificent views, and enjoying the sunshine, you will have the best time here in Malta! Discover Malta’s best attractions and places of interest.

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Isle of MTV


There is always something to do here in Malta. From music events, local entertainment, village feasts, festivals or the arts festivals – you can have it all throughout the year! Here are the top events that take place on the island.

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Malta’s sister island, of Gozo is known to be the greener island. Gozo is ideal for relaxation and acts as the perfect escape from the busy lifestyle. There is so much to do in Gozo. Discover how to best spend your time on this island.

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