For Your Wedding Venue, Special Event or Your Meeting Space, Choose AX Hotels


At AX Hotels, we understand that you’ve put a lot of thought and money into your event. We want to make your event one to remember. Whether it’s a magical wedding reception, a special celebration or a business event – we’ve got you covered. From venues, dining and accommodation – we can deliver it all.


We offer a variety of venues in three different locations at our respective hotels. In Sliema, we have three properties you can choose from and each of these properties has multiple venues that can host your special event or conference. AX The Palace, 5-star luxury hotel offers exclusive venues like The Royal Hall, Executive Lounge, The Tabloid, Talk of Town Cafe, State Hall & Alexandra Gardens, Lounge 360 & Pool Deck and TemptAsian.


The 4-star AX The Victoria Hotel offers a 5-star service with venues like William Shakespeare Suite, Lord Byron Suite, The Drawing Room, Lord Derby & Lord Salisbury, Copperfield’s Restaurant, It-Terrazzin Pool Deck and Penny Black Bar. AX Palazzo Capua, the sister hotel to AX The Palace and AX The Victoria Hotel, is the ideal venue for a magnificent wedding reception or a corporate business event between colleagues.


In the northern part of the island, we have two properties and several venues that might be suited for your special event. AX Seashells Resort at Suncrest in Qawra boasts of venues like The Poseidon Hall, The Zeus Hall, The Athena Hall, The Apollo Hall, The Coral Cove Restaurant, It-Tokk Restaurant, The Luzzu Complex and Cheeky Monkey Gastropub.


If you want to organise a get-together with friends in the capital, our Valletta locations will be perfect for you. Organise your event at venues like Cheeky Monkey for a great time!


For any occasion, you can count on us!


AX Hotels offers a variety of venues fit for any celebration. Whether it’s a wedding reception, a personal event, a small business meeting or a conference, you will find a venue to fit all your needs.

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AX Hotels


AX Hotels offers 15 dining outlets across three locations; Sliema, Qawra and Valletta. Organise your personal event at any one of our restaurants or come and enjoy a special meal after your celebration.

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AX Hotels


If you’re feeling too tired to go home after a special night, we can offer 7 different accommodation in Sliema, Qawra and Valletta. Specialising in 5-star and 4-star hotels, we’ll treat you like royalty.

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AX Hotels

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