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Corona Travel Advisory

The Latest COVID-19 Updates and How You Can Travel to Malta After Coronavirus


Coronavirus has taken the world by storm. In just a couple of months, it has drastically changed the way we live, the way we need to communicate with people and the way we must think about travelling. Travelling with coronavirus is practically impossible at this point in time, but if we look on the bright side, it will not always be like that. We can say that we’ll appreciate travelling even more now.


We’re hoping that the freedom of travel will be with us before you know it. We’re going to be giving you all the appropriate updates on this page. If you would like to travel to Malta after coronavirus and you want to book your stay with AX Hotels, keep checking this page for the latest.

Latest Coronavirus Updates


The latest coronavirus update from Malta is that the island is suspending all inbound flights as of Saturday 21st March. Malta’s official airline, AirMalta, has suspended all commercial flights. This ban does not apply to ferry flights, cargo flights, humanitarian flights and repatriation flights.


The Malta International Airport states that all passengers who were planning on travelling to Malta in the coming days must contact their respective airlines for more information about their flights. People are encouraged not to visit the airport unless they are travelling to practice social distancing.


This decision comes a week later the previous governmental decision to ban travel to and from Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland and Spain. A 14-day mandatory quarantine was also imposed on travellers arriving from all countries.


On a brighter note, Malta has been considered as a model country by the World Health Organisation, WHO, in this pandemic. The WHO General, Hans Kluge, mentioned Malta as the model that all countries should look up to, and emulate.

Coronavirus in Malta


As soon as Malta got hit by coronavirus, the government started taking extreme measures to safeguard the health and safety of Malta’s residents. Apart from travel restrictions, it was encouraged from the very beginning that residents in Malta should practice social distancing.


Schools have been closed down and will not re-open until at least the 17th of April 2020. Mass gatherings, events and church activities have been prohibited and restaurants, cinemas, pubs and gyms have all been closed down. A list of shops and services that were to close down on Monday 23rd March was also handed by the government. Although total lockdown is not in place as of yet, residents are encouraged to stay at home and avoid contact with people whom they are not already living with.

Travelling to Malta after Coronavirus


We hope Covid-19 will quickly fade away and the travel ban is lifted sooner rather than later, as we miss seeing all your faces at our hotels. However, until then, if you were planning to come to Malta and your plans got disrupted, we’ve got you covered. We can help modify and re-schedule your plans for the summer months. Summer is glorious in Malta which means that we’re sure that you will have the best time on our islands.


On another note, if you’re thinking about making a new booking, we understand that this might be an unsure time to plan your travels. That is why we are offering free cancellation when booking our best available rate. This means that if for some reason or another, you cannot make it to your booked holiday with us, you are free to cancel your stay with no questions asked. There’s no hassle of cancellation fees when booking your stay with AX Hotels.


We hope you’re all keeping safe.


If you want to think of a brighter future ahead and think about travelling to Malta, book your stay at any one of our seven hotels.

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