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AX Hotels - Gay Friendly Malta

Is Malta a Gay Friendly Country?

Along the years, Malta has increased its awareness of gay rights, making it more and more a gay friendly country. This article tackles Malta’s common attitude towards the gay community and the top gay friendly hotels across the island.

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AX Logos

AX Hotels Rebranding

On the 15th October 2018, AX Hotels, part of AX Group, has officially undergone a major rebranding that has enhanced the group’s internal connection. AX Group is made up of AX Care, AX Hotels, AX Construction and AX Development. However, the group has come a long way.

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AX Hotels - Mr.Angelo Xuereb - EY Awards

Angelo Xuereb Awarded the EY Malta Entrepreneur of the Year

Mr Angelo Xuereb, chairman of AX Holdings has been awarded the EY’s Malta Entrepreneur of the Year award. The award was launched in the US in 1986 but it was only recently launched to Malta last year. This makes Mr Xuereb, the second Maltese person to achieve this prestigious award.

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AX Hotels - Housekeeping

AX Hotels MTA Star Awards

AX Hotels takes pride in having some of the best employees around. The group believes that rewarding employees is a very important step in the workplace. It motivates other employees to strive to be better every day and to always work harder.

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AX Hotels - AX Foundation

AX Holdings Recognises Top Employees

On Friday 19th May, the management and staff of AX Holdings celebrated the achievements and service of numerous staff members at the annual AX Awards night. The event was held at the new hall at Luzzu Complex in Qawra, one of the latest added venues to the AX Hotels portfolio.

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AX Hotels - Excellence Award

Yet another award for excellence for AX Hotels

The restaurant manager of The Copperfield’s Restaurant at AX The Victoria Hotel, Charles Abela has won the Malta Tourism Authority Star Service Award. Abela was one of eight stars who clinched an award for excellence during the 11th edition of the MTA Awards held last month at the Mediterranean Conference Centre.

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