Our Super Mums take the stage on Mother’s Day!

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A full day of massages and treats to show our appreciation!


Women who balance a career, while also doing their best to take care of their families, are truly Super Mums! This year, AX Hotels decided to surprise 5 mothers, from different working backgrounds, within the hotels. The lucky mums were greeted by our Hospitality Director, Ms Claire Zammit Xuereb, who herself, knows what it is to be a Super Mum since she is a mother of three.


Ms Claire Zammit Xuereb commented that ‘Selecting these mothers was no easy task! It all boiled down to two main factors; the drive that they possess in their career path and the quality of work they produce.’

Each mother was treated to different types of massages ranging from back massages and neck massages, to some even having reflexology. Each treatment was followed by a blow dry in the salon of Soul Solutions, located at AX Sunny Coast Resort & Spa. We must say that this was a very relaxing #AXperience!

We would like to thank all women who work within AX Hotels. Your hard word and determination is a key and integral part for each and every hotel that forms part of this chain!

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