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Due to Covid-19, we regret to inform you that all Easter activities have been cancelled for 2020


Malta being a highly religious island, celebrates Easter as a holiday in all its glory. This holiday brings about various celebrations and diversions, highlighting the island’s religious Catholic roots. Apart from this, the weather in Easter time is usually glorious, which is why you should book your stay with AX Hotels and make the most of the celebrations, as well as the climate.


There are a variety of things to do in Malta at Easter time. The Holy Week, which precedes the Easter celebrations initiates the holiday, and is not short of activities itself. This week kicks off on the Friday before Good Friday, on a day dedicated to the Lady of Sorrows, and is commemorated by a procession which is held in several of the towns and villages of Malta. On the Thursday following this, Maundy Thursday is honoured, and the unique tradition of visiting and praying in seven churches during the night is followed by many locals. For our non-religious visitors, however, this is a great opportunity to take a peek at some of Malta’s beautifully decorated churches, which are often candlelit, creating a remarkable atmosphere.


After Maundy Thursday comes Good Friday, where another procession takes place, this time remembering the Passion of Christ. There are a number of statues in this procession, each illustrating an episode of Christ’s final journey, where one can also find locals dressed as biblical figures. The big day is, undoubtably, Easter Sunday. Locals celebrate the Risen Christ and, it is tradition that, statue bearers run with a statue depicting just that.


Apart from the religious aspect of the Easter season, there is also the gastronomical element, which one should definitely indulge in. Malta does not fall short of international traditions such as Easter Eggs and Easter bunnies. However, there is also the traditional Maltese ‘figolla’, which is an almond-filled pastry with icing on the top, often in the shape of a rabbit, lamb, fish or heart. If you’ve visiting Malta during Easter time, this is a must-eat! Since the weather during this time of year is delightful, it’s the perfect time for picnics and walks to explore what the island’s countryside has to offer.


Book your stay at AX Hotels during Easter.

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